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Custom Lips

Lip Blush
Lip Liner
Lp Blush
Lip Blush
Lip Blush

Dark, Light, Lined. Not sure? Don't worry! Your appointment will include a thorough consultation where shape, size, color and technique will be decided. Bring pictures of your favorite color of lips or let Kari help you decide.

Any color just $475. Does not include any touch up's.

Permanent Makeup Artist. Natural Beauty Products

Healing Process

In total, there is a 6-week healing time. Under the implanted pigment the skin may be red. There may be minimal swelling, which usually settles between days 2-5.

For the first 7 days you will need to keep your lips out of the sun! Do not get them wet in the shower, swimming or from heavy sweating! Do not put any other lip balms or lip sticks on your lips for 7 days! Only the ointment Kari gives you!

If your lips are sore or swollen you can rinse with COLD water twice a day to calm the skin.

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