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How do I know which type of eyebrow's to get?

Microblading: Is done with a hand tool. Replicates actual brow hairs. The most natural looking. Although the pigment will not fade completely you will need touch ups every 10-15 months.​​​​​​​​ Best for someone going for a natural look.


Powder Brow: Is done with a rotary machine. Replicates the application of a brow pencil. Best for mature skin. Lasts 12-18 months and is the least invasive on the skin. ​​​​​​​​Best for someone looking for a filled in or makeup look.


Combo Brow: Is a little bit of both. Microblading,done in the head of the brow to create hairs and the rest of the brow is done with the powder brow technique. You will need touch ups annually. ​​​​​​​​Best for someone who wants to see hair strokes but wants a filled in look as well.

Although, you can always book one and if your artist suggests a different type, you can always change your mind at your appointment. Don't feel obligated to do something just because thats what you seleted. You can change your mind! Permanent makeup is an investment and is on your most valuble asset, your face. So be sure to ask your artist for their expert opinion.


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