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Learning Permanent Makeup from Kari at Salon Aries is an Unforgettable Experience

Are you looking for a permanent makeup artist who can help you safely learn how to do permanent makeup? Look no further than Kari at Salon Aries. Kari has been doing permanent makeup since 2017 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. She knows how to create beautiful results that last, and she takes the time to ensure that each student learns the basics of permanent makeup before moving on to more complex procedures. Let’s take a look at why learning permanent makeup from Kari is an unforgettable experience.

Quality Education

When you learn from Kari, you know that you are getting quality education. She has been working with guests for over 18 years, so she knows all there is to know about getting the best results for your guests. She also provides detailed instructions and demonstrations throughout her classes so that her students can fully understand the process and follow along with confidence. What’s more, Kari offers one-on-one support should you need it during your learning process or anytime after. Kari will be there for you through-out your career.

Safe Procedures

Safety is always top priority when it comes to permanent makeup procedures, which is why Kari only uses FDA approved products that are safe for use on skin. Furthermore, she follows strict health standards while performing services as well as while teaching her classes. This ensures that everyone in her space stays healthy and safe while they are learning or being treated with permanent makeup.

Expert Advice

Kari does not just teach her students how to perform various procedures; she also gives expert advice on how to properly care for their work post-treatment as well as tips on how to make sure their work lasts longer and looks better than ever before! Her advice covers everything from making sure the area is properly sterilized prior to applying the pigment to choosing a color palette that best suits your skin tone and lifestyle needs. All of this ensures that every student gets the best possible outcome from their treatment!

If you’re ready to take your first steps into the world of permanent makeup, then look no further than Kari at Salon Aries! With her expertise in the field, attention to detail in safety protocols, and commitment to giving students quality education—you can rest assured knowing that you will get all the tools necessary for success in this industry right away! So what are you waiting for? Contact Kari today and begin your journey towards becoming a certified permanent makeup artist!

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