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What the difference between permanent makeup and a traditional tattoo?

I get asked all the time… what’s the difference between Permanent Makeup and a traditional tattoo. Some people even ask if permanent makeup is semi-permanent. While it doesn't last as long as a traditional tatoo the pigment in PMU never completly leaves then skin. So I'll let you decide if that makes is permanent or semi-permanent.

PMU: Done with a rotary machine. It’s smaller and the pull back is less so it touches down a lot softer.

Traditional Tattoo: Uses a coil machine. It’s a lot bigger and has a bigger pull back so it touches down harder.

PMU: Uses Pigment. Which has smaller color molecules which makes it easier for the color to migrate or fade. Or be abosorbed. Sort of like at the end of the day your makeup has lightened up. But over a few years not one day.

Traditional Tattoo: Uses Ink. Has a larger molecule so it stays in one place longer.

PMU: Done with 1-5 needle cartridges. For a more delicate finish.

Traditional Tattoo: Can be up to 20! To pack as much color in as possible in the shortest amount of time. Traditional tattoo artist are working on a much bigger surface creating a much brighter/darker picture.

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Tattoo Coil Machine

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